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theresa menz cooper

i love the outdoors; hiking, camping, canoeing, snowboarding, you name it. pretty much anything that lets me get my hands dirty and breathe fresh air. i grew up on a farm in ohio, so being outside is in my blood. a 20 year creative director with an art background, I'm also into photography, great design and creating the best homemade pizza, using my husband as a focus group of one. so far there hasn't been any complaints — or trips to the emergency room.

matthew cooper

as a recently retired navy veteran of 20+ years, i enjoy all things water. so it made complete sense that i would enjoy competing in dock diving with our pups. growing up in the country, we always had a menagerie of dogs and cats. theresa grew up with herding dogs and when we were married, indy joined our family. she is the one that got us started in this sport and we have never looked back. 

we have been competing in the sport of dock diving with our pups since the fall of 2012, when theresa wandered into a dog festival with indy and saw carolina dockdogs set up. they only jumped once, but that was all it took. they immediately signed up to become club members as well as dockdogs worldwide members. several years later finds us members of several affiliate clubs and competing now with 3 of our 5 dogs. we believe there is nothing better to do on a hot summer day, than to be outside, hit the dock and play with your best friend.

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